The communication is as diverse as the human being itself. This is also true for the promotional communications, MarComms (Marketing Communications). And the new technologies give this multi-faceted topic an extra dose of complexity.
Today, company and brand communication no longer work via one-way messaging. They have evolved to cross-media dialogue platforms that need to understand and use all facettes of those platforms. The social” aspect has enabled a dynamic of interaction, which brings new opportunities for you and your business.At apricot we find the following aspects crucial for successful dialogs with stakeholders:
  • In-house communication information on strategies, approaches, goals, etc.
  • Communication about your company positioning, image, public relations, etc.
  • Traditional client-oriented communication The traditional MarComms, so traditional advertising (print, TV, radio Above The Line (ATL)), and Below The Line (BTL) Direct Marketing (direct mail, CRM programs, etc.) can be added to the traditional online communication component: banners, shop online communication, virals, etc.
  • Communication with all stakeholders: business partners, opinion leaders, journalists, competitors, analysts, etc.
  • Social Seeding: Web 2.0 communication has evolved. Content marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), direct (online) customer interaction via crowdsourcing and Tryvertizing platforms and social media channel communication via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest Xing, LinkedIn & Co: branding has become a dialog: you, together with your customers.

Since the communication comprises a large field of action, we recommend to get external support for strategically relevant activities such as branding, positioning, campaign design, etc. Professional external specialists, such as high-quality ATL& BTL-communications-, direct marketing-, social media- and PR agencies, will help to sustainably position your brands in your target Group. 

apricot marketing consulting has a profound experience in marketing communications and interface management with agencies and support during the selection and design of appropriate communication channels for you. We are happy to help you with the choice making and the related execution of MarComms measures.

We are happy to provide you with a professional communication concept – do contact us!