Channel Management

Fast and effective marketing and sales channel management: The Flying Doctor for your Business

Whether online or at the POS (point of sale): more than ever, the so-called touchpoints – those contact moments at which a customer and your brand, your solutions, employees, business partners Services come into contact build the center of the sales channel. apricot marketing consulting suppost you with customized channel management measures. We offer the following Portfolio:

  • Identification of your optimal distribution channels
  • Sales support enabling Sales
  • Marketing & Sales Planning
  • Identification and analysis of potential customer base and revenue Drivers
  • Design, development and management of marketing Teams
  • Implementation of the 7 Ps marketingcore processes
  • (Advertising) Communication MarComms
  • Sustainable implementation of products and Solutions (Launch Management)
  • After sales service: Conception and implementation of CRM measures

It is important for you to know your customers’ needs.

inbound_graphicWhen taking decisions, prospects and customers go through different phases:
from Awareness to Consideration to Decision.

Your focus should aim in all these decision phases – from ATTRACT over CONVERT towards CLOSE to being present at your customer. With attention, with helpful hints, with advices and support and, if necessary, with relevant tools (eg. analyst reports, whitepapers, demos, etc.), in short: with the right customer communication to support the decision making.

By combining in-depth business knowledge with years of experience in customer contact management we support you with the design and implementation of relevant MARKETING measures – strategically and operationally, on- & offline!

We gladly provide you with a customized marketing concept do contact us!