About apricot

Welcome to apricot!

apricot marketing consulting offers hands-on marketing expertise.
With the help of tailored marketing, sales & CRM concepts, we develop optimization and growth measures and place your product and your brand sustainably in your target market.

Upon request, we act as an outsourced marketing resource, or work as project-based interim manager. We focus on four main pillars:

  1. Marketing & Product Management
  2. Sales Channel Management
  3. CRM & Intelligence
  4. Marketing Communication
  5. Interim Management

Based on our customer lifetime House® approach, we identify the potentials and growth opportunities of your products and services. We focus on a sustainable positioning of your company as well as the effective implementation of relevant marketing activities.

We combine in-depth business knowledge with years of experience in customer contact management. Our support is based on the design and implementation of relevant MARKETING measures – strategically and operationally, on- & offline!

On request, we either develop and implement individual marketing modules for you or accompany you the entire marketing process – from positioning, team building and product development to the design of customer relevant activities, targeted communication, and to reporting and success measuring!